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“As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds His people, both now and forevermore. Psalm 125.2 (NIV)

This is a Psalm of Ascent, sung by Israel as they ascended the road to Jerusalem to celebrate their festivals. Mount Zion is a symbol of Jerusalem, the place where God dwells, and the climb was really leading them to God’s heart! God offered safety and security.

Mount Zion was high but it was not as high as the surrounding mountains. The pilgrims coming to Jerusalem saw these mountains and pictured God’s protection. The Lord surrounded them on every side and that is the surest safest protection they could’ve received! We have a powerful God, and so we know that he can surely protect us in the insecure times we’re going through. To think that we are surrounded by the Lord fills us with confidence to face any fears!

Mountains give a sense of stability. It is a picture of permanence that the psalmist is painting... both now and forevermore. God surrounds us, is in front of us, behind us, beside us and right above us with the powerful assurance of security. We are God’s possession and he will protect us. Our confidence can never be in ourselves; it must always be only in God! AMEN.

Ken Gnanakan

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